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Marissa is the CEO of Happy Ganesh and has ten years of experience in publishing and education. She has also been working with her spiritual side since she was a teenager, when she first learned that her “gut” gave her surprisingly accurate answers. Marissa has been providing professional readings and astrology charts since the age of twenty. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Astrology and intuitive readings purchased through Happy Ganesh are for educational and entertainment purposes only. They are not meant to take the place of any professional advice, including legal, medical or psychological advice. Happy Ganesh accepts no legal responsibility for any decision made by the client based on information from a reading. By purchasing a reading, the client agrees to hold Happy Ganesh, its CEO, and employees harmless. In short, any decisions the client makes are their sole responsibility. back to top


I offer many types of readings and services. I am primarily an intuitive and an astrologer.
Very often in a session, I will use different tools to connect and find answers.

To purchase a reading, click below:

1-Hour Session – $150

30-Minute Session – $90

15-Minute Session – $70

Gift Certificate – choose amount
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For a reading that is longer than 60 minutes, standard prices apply. For example, for an hour-and-a-half reading, it would be $240 (price of 60 min reading + price of 30 min reading = $240). — AVAILABLE BY REQUEST.

Happy Ganesh also offers classes and workshops in astrology. Contact us for more information.

Payment Policies

Happy Ganesh accepts payment through checks, cash, credit cards, or Paypal. However, Happy Ganesh reserves the right to accept payment through certain means and not others if the client has a history of payment issues. In the event of a payment issue such as a bounced check, Happy Ganesh will require payment through Paypal and will bill the client for fees incurred. Should repeated failure to pay become an issue after 30 days, Happy Ganesh will decide to drop the client and/or seek legal action through a collections agency or other means.

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“[My reading with you was] a totally unexpected fabulous experience and it’s stayed with me making a permanent change for the better in my life. You’ve given my ‘happiness level’ a permanent boost. I cannot think of you or Happy Ganesh without a big smile. Our meeting has changed me internally greatly for the better! Just thought you’d like to know how you affected another’s life. It was the ‘right’ meeting at the ‘right’ time.” ~ Jennifer Conover, author

“Thank you for your insight and intuitive comments regarding my reading. Your ability to focus in on the exact areas that crossed my path were amazing. I enjoyed that you utilized different channeling media to determine answers and relevant information. I was impressed that you connected to my dad and he actually touched the both of us in the session. You are truly gifted in this realm. I felt a special psychic connection between you, my family that had crossed over, and I in the present.” ~ Myrna P.

“If we could send the world to you we would! Our session with you Saturday morning was incredible! There were so many wonderful confirmations of my father communicating through you. My mother, 89, has never been to a medium before and for the next few days after our session she kept saying “You know, I think she is the real McCoy!” She is only here visiting me for 3 weeks and within 5 minutes of leaving you she insisted on seeing you again before she leaves! Again, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your wonderful gift.” ~ Louise and Mildred B.

“It was so nice to finally have a [tarot] reading with you. Fantastic interpretation! Your style is very complete. Each card is like a note on a keyboard and you sing it! I believe you are truly gifted with cards and astrology. You are wonderful.” ~ Rosario O.

“The session was extraordinary. I came in having heard good things about you, and I left amazed. I have no doubt that you were able to connect me to my dead son. The messages received in session were powerful and surprising – and very, very accurate. Thank you for your time and your honesty. You are a gift.” ~ Anonymous

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